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Nashville, TN October 2, 2018–LandFund Partners, a farmland investment and management firm, has announced a contract to purchase its second property in its fourth investment vehicle.  The 1,000 acre contiguous, irrigated farmland property is located in western Mississippi.  The firm, which manages over 20,000 acres of farmland, plans to purchase two to three more of its Fund IV pipeline properties in 2018 and 2019.

“We are fortunate to have a strong pipeline and trust in our underwriting methodology, which allows us to be patient. After months of negotiations, we have reached an agreement for Fund IV’s second acquisition,” said John Farris, Founder & President.

Fund IV builds on the firm’s regional presence in the lower Mississippi River Valley, and will remain open to investors until hitting its $30 million equity raise hard cap.

“While tariffs have caused short-term disruption in certain crop prices, global supply-demand dynamics and the ingenuity of the American farmer have positioned U.S. farmland for continued strong, non-correlated investment returns,” added Chris Morris, Managing Director.


About LandFund Partners

LandFund Partners manages over $100 million of farmland in the Mississippi River Valley for its pooled fund investors and direct investment clients. LandFund Partners identifies and acquires high-quality farmland and leases the land to farm operators under the supervision of a professional management team with decades of experience. More information is available online at  Pressinquiries canbe directed

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