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Nashville, TN – August 13, 2020 – LandFund Partners, a farmland investment and management firm, has acquired the first farmland property in its fifth investment vehicle, LFP Opportunity Fund. The 450-acre property in Quitman County, MS adds to LandFund’s 25,000 acres of holdings in the region.

LandFund acquires, manages, and improves high quality farmland properties in the lower Mississippi River Valley. The farms are leased to professional farm operators, and investors in the funds receive annual dividends from rental payments while owning upside in the value of the farmland properties.

The Opportunity Fund’s structure is unique in that it has a $10 million main tranche and a $10 million Opportunity Zone (OZ) tranche that allows investors with qualified capital gains to take advantage of generous tax benefits. LFP Opportunity Fund has limited capacity remaining in both tranches. Accredited investors can request an investor prospectus by emailing

John Farris, President & Founder said, “With interest rates and bond yields at all-time lows the dividends that investors receive from farmland are becoming even more attractive. Farmland’s low correlation to other assets and built-in inflation hedge offer protection from the unintended effects of government stimulus programs and money printing we have seen in 2020.”

To see a video update on the Fund’s first property featuring LandFund’s CFO & Managing Director, Chris Morris, copy and paste the following link in your browser:

Soybean Crop on First Property

About LandFund Partners

LandFund Partners manages over $150 million of farmland in the lower Mississippi River Valley for its pooled fund investors and direct investment clients. LandFund Partners identifies and acquires high-quality farmland and leases the land to farm operators under the supervision of a professional management team with decades of experience. More information is available online at Press inquiries can be directed to

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