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Nashville, TN October 3rd, 2019  LandFund Partners announced today that it is under contract to purchase another $30 million of farmland properties for investors in its fourth investment fund. The upcoming acquisition will bring Fund IV’s holdings to nearly 10,000 acres of prime mid-south farmland and will expand the firm’s footprint to over 30,000 acres in the region.


“Right now is the best opportunity to buy farmland we have seen in years,” said John Farris, Founder & President.  “Headlines about trade and tariffs have scared off casual investors, and those who really understand the space are deploying capital. As Warren Buffett said ‘be greedy when others are fearful.’”


The upcoming acquisition contains over 6,000 cultivated acres in a three mile radius and is structured as a sale-leaseback transaction.  LandFund underwrites all deals to a strict criteria, taking into account flood risk, soil types, crop history, rental history, value-add opportunities, local infrastructure, and more.


“Given recent stock market volatility and low bond yields, farmland offers a great diversification tool for investors. Historically, U.S. farmland has been non-correlated with most asset classes. In fact, when the stock market crashed in 2008 U.S. farmland returns were up double-digits,” added Chris Morris, Managing Director & CFO.


Fund IV has raised over 80% of its hard cap from accredited investors and will close in Q4 2019. Additional information can be requested at

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