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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — LandFund Partners is pleased to announce the successful closing of its Fund II offering.  The fund is now fully deployed, after acquiring 2,500 acres of high quality, irrigated farmland in eastern Arkansas. The acquisition brings LandFund Partners total farmland holdings to 4,800 cultivated acres of lower Mississippi River Valley farmland.

Based in Nashville, TN, LandFund Partners manages farmland investment funds that target and acquire row crop farmland in the Mississippi River Valley. The funds lease farmland property to experienced farmers, and make annual cash distributions to investors while managing the farmland for anticipated long-term capital gains.

“We are very pleased with the latest farm acquisition,” said John Farris, Founder & President of LandFund Partners.  “We believe our team’s ability to identify high quality, irrigated farms will lead to strong returns for our partners.  Investors recognize the value of our offerings, as both Fund I and Fund II reached their target equity raises.  We plan to launch Fund III in the near future.”

“Private farmland ownership is an excellent choice for investors seeking to diversify, hedge against inflation, and anchor their portfolio,” added Farris.  “LandFund Partners aims to provide investors with opportunities to participate in both the asset appreciation and income of farmland properties.  The lower Mississippi River Valley is the best place in the country to own farmland, thanks to low prices compared to Midwest row crop farmland, abundant groundwater, and improving farm technology in the region.”

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LandFund Partners develops and manages private investment funds that acquire row crop farmland in the Mississippi River Valley.  Farmland is identified, purchased, and rented to farm operators under the supervision of a professional management team with decades of farming experience in the region.  As of September 2015, LandFund Partners funds held gross assets of over $25 million, including 4,800 cultivated acres of row crop farmland. Press inquiries can be directed to

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