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NASHVILLE, TNApril 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — LandFund Partners, a farmland investment and management firm, announced that it is under contract to purchase over $10 million of farmland properties in Q2 2019.  The acquisitions will bring the holdings in its fourth investment vehicle (Fund IV) to over $17 million comprised of 4,000 acres across the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta region.  The firm, which manages over 27,000 total acres of farmland in the region, plans to round out the Fund IV portfolio in 2019 with three to four more properties in its deal pipeline.

“Fund IV continues to patiently execute on the strategy that was communicated to our investors.  All of Fund IV’s assets meet our investment criteria: close proximity to existing holdings, distressed or opportunistic situations, opportunity to increase cash rents, opportunity for value-add irrigation investments, good soil types for a diverse crop mix, and access to abundant groundwater resources,” said John Farris, Founder & President.

“Farmland returns are non-correlated with traditional stock and bond investments.  By adding farmland to their portfolio, our investors are able to reduce their exposure to market risk and create a more stable and efficient investment portfolio,” added Chris Morris, Managing Director & CFO.  “The non-correlation of farmland returns, Fund IV’s diversification across multiple assets, and our firm’s value-add strategy have been key considerations of investment managers allocating capital to the sector.”

Fund IV remains open to accredited investors and qualified purchasers.

About LandFund Partners

LandFund Partners manages over $120 million of farmland in the Mississippi River Valley for its pooled fund investors and direct investment clients.  LandFund Partners identifies and acquires high-quality farmland and leases the land to farm operators under the supervision of a professional management team with decades of experience.

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